Frequently Asked Questions

Is ContractCrew really free?

Yes. is completely free for both employers and flight crews.

Is my information publicly displayed?

No.  Your information is only shared with the employer after you apply.

Do I get paid from ContractCrew, or the employer who posted the job?

The employer.  ContractCrew is an online platform to connect employers with flight crews.  We do NOT get involved in the hiring process, nor are we responsible for any type of compensation.

Does ContractCrew take a percentage of my compensation like other websites or staffing companies?

No.  Whatever the compensation agreed upon by you and the employer belongs to you.

Commuting Required - Why does ContractCrew ask if I am within a two-hour drive of the departure airport?

This will give the employer the most accurate information about your location. This helps the employer decide on what type of transportation they will need to arrange for you to get to the departure airport.  

What makes ContractCrew better than other aviation sites for employers?

We only focus on contract (short term) employment.  Flight crews are now scattered across the globe, and we wanted to create a way for employers to connect with available crew members based on their anticipated location, not necessarily where they call home.  This results in huge savings in repositioning costs. 

What makes ContractCrew better than other aviation sites for flight crews?

We only focus on contract (short term) employment.  Management companies, corporate flight departments, and private individuals all welcome the ContractCrew platform.  They are allowed to reach you the flight crew member quickly, and efficiently.  This results in a large volume of contract opportunities for you to choose from!  Join for free, receive SMS and email trip notifications, and simply choose which trips you would like to work.

Does ContractCrew verify the credentials of its members?

No. ContractCrew DOES NOT verify the credentials, or any of the information that members have provided.